Value & Quality in a Virtual Assistant

One of the fastest growing business practices to boost a business of any size is hiring virtual assistants. These employees aid you by getting all the busy work, work you don't like, or time intensive work that hold you back. They are also much more cost effective than hiring an employee. Does this sound too good to be true? It's actually better than you think:

The Competition


Bonuses with Melser Marketing

- High-speed internet connection

- Virtual assistants work around your schedule

- High level screening by American managers

- No long contracts

- Based in Tunisia, with high level education

It is Clear

There are many great companies out there who provide VAs. Some specialize in one thing or another. However, we are confident our assistants will be the best fit for you! Now our full-time (40hrs) rate is only $160/week for a limited time!


Part Time Pricing:

25 hours $140/week

Full Time Pricing

40 hours $160/week

45 hours $185/week

Send us an e-mail with the job description you are looking to fill, and we will find a perfect fit for you.

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