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This is a no-brainer to boost your business!

Updated: Jun 18

Whether you are a young entrepreneur working to get things started or the owner of a company with thousands of employees, one thing remains true. Good help is hard to find!

Value & Quality in a Virtual Assistant

One of the fastest-growing business practices to boost a business of any size is hiring virtual assistants. These employees aid you by getting all the busy work, work you don't like, or time-intensive work that hold you back from doing what you are specialized in. Not only that, but they generally are much more cost effective than hiring an employee. Does this sound too good to be true? It is about to get better.

The Competition

The best part is our dedicated full time virtual assistants are only $180/week!

Other Negatives to Beware of

It has been noted on many sites and reviews of other common problems with our competitors, some of which are infrastructural. All of these competitors are in the Philippines and share similar problems:

- Affected greatly by hurricanes

- Electrical and Internet issues (ouch!)

- Ghosting Employers (they suddenly stop working with no warning and no response to communication)

- Time Zone restrictions

- 13th month "expectation" (hope for a 1 month Christmas-like bonus)

- Education is not strong (Equivalent degrees are often far inferior to Western degrees)

It is Clear

There are many great companies out there who provide VAs. Some specialize in one thing or another. However, we have the least expensive rates, the highest requirements for employees, we work in ANY TIME ZONE, no extra costs, our VAs are actually dedicated, and so much more! What is even better is our weekly full-time (40hrs) rate is only $160/week for a limited time!

If you are looking for a full-time virtual assistant, you have found the right place. We are a newer company, but we are growing and bettering ourselves every day. E-mail us today to get more information about taking your business to the next level while making your job easier at info@melsermarketing.com .

Reference: https://www.virtualassistantassistant.com/philippines-virtual-assistants

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